Beit Simcha is also a community or mishpochah ("family").

In havurah (friendship) groups, we gather for fellowship and prayer for about two hours, followed by open-ended times for noshing (snacking) and building relationships.

(Child holding a havdalah candle.)

 Mishpochah havurah meets 2nd and 4th Shabbat at 7pm  in Orefield, PA.

Lancaster havurah meets 2nd and 4th Shabbat 
at 7:30 PM in New Holland, PA.

Telford havurah meets the 1st or 2nd Shabbat at 7pm in Telford, PA.

Prayer Stations go out 1st and 3rd Shabbat at 3pm to offer prayer in Allentown communities.

The TLV Bible study meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 7:15PM on the west end of Allentown.  Bring your Bible questions!

Contact us if you would like directions or more information.


Contact us 

if you would like directions or more information.