Experience a Shabbat Service

Beit Simcha has worship services every Shabbat starting at 10AM.
(Shabbat, or Sabbath, is the seventh day of the week.)

We are blessed to meet in a beautiful sanctuary...   
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It is conducive to traditional Jewish worship, such as reading from Torah.
(At the bottom of this page is a video of excerpts from a Torah service.)

Like King David and the Levites, we worship with singing and instruments.
As 1 Chronicles 15:16 says, "David spoke to the chief of the Levites to appoint their kinsmen to be singers making use of musical instruments - lutes, lyres and cymbals - to play loudly and raise sounds of joy." Beit Simcha''''s worship team includes drums, guitar, bass guitar, flute, keyboard, piano, accordian and occasionally our Messianic Rabbi on saxophone.

We believe God wants us to rejoice--hence Beit Simcha, House of Joy!
Following the example of Miriam and King David, we worship through Israeli-style dance. Our Rebbitzin teaches worship dance once a month-see our our home page for dates. As Psalm 150:4 says, "Praise him with tambourines and dancing! Praise him with flutes and strings!"

We also worship God through traditional liturgy from a Siddur (prayer book). Many of these prayers go back to the time of the Second Temple & Yeshua.

We wait quietly upon the Lord, then congregants share what they believe
the Spirit of God (Ruach Elohim) is speaking in their hearts.

We bless the children under a tallit before sending them to Shabbat school.

While adults are hearing Bible-based teaching, our Shabbat school meets...

with classes for younger and older children, as well as a nursery.

After services, we enjoy an Oneg Shabbat (Delight of Shabbat) time of food
and fellowship...

After oneg, a Hebrew class for beginners meets every week.

The video below shows a father and son blowing shofars (ram''''s horns) during a time of praise, as in Psalm 98:4-6, "Shout for joy to ADONAI (the LORD), all the earth! Break forth, sing for joy, sing praises! Sing praises to ADONAI with the lyre, with the lyre and melodious music! 6 With trumpets and the sound of the shofar, shout for joy before the king, ADONAI!"

The video below shows excerpts from a Torah service, including an aliyah (the chazzan or cantor calls a member of our congregation up to bless God and read from the Torah), the ceremony of lifting up the Torah (which Moses wrote at the command of the Lord), and the congregant giving a drash or personal interpretation of the portion she read--in this case, from Vayikra (Leviticus ) 16, concerning Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement).
Beit Simcha has participatory Torah services once a month, with three members reading from the weekly portion of Torah (five books of Moses), one reading from the Haftarah (prophets) and one reading from the Brit Chadashah (New Covenant), then sharing drashot afterwards. Also once a month the Rebbitzin reads from the Torah and the Rabbi comments on the portion in his sermon. See our home page for dates.

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