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Some recent newsletters:
Newsletter for August 25, 2013  (Elul 20, 5773):
Zemer Levav Coffeehouse, Israel Tour 2014, Vision for a Synagogue and a Community House, Shemini Atzeret, Yom Kippur garb, Fall Festivals, From Hell to Heaven and Back!

Newsletter for August 28, 2012 (Elul 10, 5772):
Prophetic Teaching Coming to Beit Simcha, Whats the Deal with the High Holidays, Tikkun Visitors, Tree of Live Psalms and Commentary

Newsletter for June 19, 2012
 (29 Sivan, 5772):
Todd Westphal & Troy Wallace, Zemer Levan and Marc Chopinsky Coffeehosues, Next Generation of Beit Simcha Rises, Havurah News 

Newsletter for February 29, 2012
 (6 Adar, 5772):
Oneness in Messiah, The Purim Tradition at Beit Simcha, Community Seder, Home Seders, Mark Your Calendars (especially for Ted Pearce coffeehouse on March 27)!

Newsletter for January 6, 2012
 (11 Tevet, 5772):
Twenty Years of Joy! Join Us In Our Celebration, Highlights of my 18 years at Beit Simcha (Bennett Eisenberg), Memories (by Barbara Sitler), Announcing: Purim, Passover, Israel, and Our New Web Site! Rabbi Glenn''s Prayer Requests

Newsletter for August 30, 2010
(Elul 20, 5770):
A Prophetic Message for Beit Simcha, Holidays and Speakers for Fall, New Web Site Launches

Newsletter for February 5, 2010 (Shevat 21, 5770):
Sue Samuel Coffeehouse, Becoming One!, 318 Prayer, Purim celebration, Passover Seder and Recipes

Newsletter for September 8, 2009 (Elul 19, 5769):
Coffeehouse with Zamariah Jackson, Sound the Shofar!, Bringing our People into the Kingdom of Messiah Yeshua, Pam''s Challah

Newsletter for September 1, 2008 (Elul 1, 5768):
Ted Pearce Coffeehouse, Learn to share good news, High Holidays are Nigh, Train up a Child, Manna from Heaven, Prophetic Words 8/23/08, Get Wisdom: Prosperity (A four page issue on the web!)

Newsletter for June 11, 2008 (Kislev 3, 5768):
Double Bar Mitzvah! Mishpochah Moments (and plans for Shavuot),
Zemer Levav Coffeehouse, Kingdom Seed, Newsletter Survey

Newsletter for November 13, 2007 (Kislev 3, 5768):
The Road to Jerusalem! Love and Law

Newsletter for September 7, 2007 (Elul 24, 5767):
Road to Jerusalem! High Holiday Services, Ted Pearce--Never Forget!
An Open Door of Faith

Newsletter for February 26, 2007 (Adar 8, 5767):
Good News! Prophetic Word & Discipline, Fast of Esther, Purim Spiel and Carnival, Dr. Jeffrey Seif (of Zola Levitt Ministries), Ted Pearce Coffeehouse, Dr. Daniel Juster, Community Passover Seder, Lura and Eddie Beckford, God''s Word on Finances (class), More Good News!

Newsletter for January 7, 2007 (Tevet 12, 5767):
Coffeehouse-January 13, Tu B''Sh''vat and Purim, Koinonia (sermon)

Newsletter for September 12, 2006 (Elul 19, 5766):
High Holiday Services, Suitcases for Israel, Sue Samuel Coffeehouse,L''Dor VaDor (sermon excerpt)

Newsletter for December 05, 2005 (Kislev 21, 5766):
Chanukah, Jeffrey Bernstein, John Rose Coffeehouse, Dance classes, Menschlekeit (children''s sermon)