becoming one studies

"Becoming One" is an 8-week small group Bible Study.  The purpose is to stimulate each member of the study to understand and apply selected scriptural mandates and principles regarding unity between Jewish and Gentile believers.  Messianic Jewish help Gentile believers understand the challenges of reaching fellow Jews, looking together at Scripture, history and practical experiences.

This study expands the limits of each member''s spiritual world by helping him or her catch God''s vision forunity.  It is a discussion through stimulating questions so that each member will discover biblical truths for themselves. 

Many churches in the Lehigh Valley have arranged Becoming Studies and been greatly enriched. Please contact us to get references from pastors and members, look at the Bible study guide, or arrange a Becoming One study in your congregation.

About the Authors:

In 1998, Jack Jacobs,who is Jewish gave his heart to Yeshua, joined the local messianic congregation and began a successful computer business all during this same year.  Several years later Jack''s mother, father and brother all received Yeshua!  Twenty-five years later, he left the computer business to serve as the full time, "home-grown" Congregational Leader of Beth Am Messiah (House of Messiah''s People), in New City, New York.  He earned his MS degree in Human Development from the University of Maine.

Ed Rogers is an author living on Hilton head Island, South Carolina.  He has had articles published in national Christian magazines, is a public speaker, and has been a guest lecturer at the university level.  His other books include Dragon Slayers, a Christian novel, and The Israeli Connection: The Church''s Hope, America''s Future.  Ed is active in the men''s music, and teaching ministries at Community Bible Church in Beaufort, S.C. and is a speaker for Stonecroft Ministries.

Endorsements for this study:

"There is a constant need to keep hearts and minds tuned to all the Lord is saying to his church today.  Among these things is the way He is refining our perspective on His purpose with His ancient people, "the Jews."  I trust this Bible study will help many in this process."

Dr. Jack W. Hayford

President, International Foursquare Churches; Chancellor,The King''s college and Seminary'' Founding Pastor, The Church On The Way

"This Bible study is a very special one.  It is the only one I know of that leads Jew and Gentile on a journey of discovery concerning the real meaning of the "One New Man." It addresses some crucial questions.  What is unity without uniformity?  How can there be Christian Churches and Messianic Congregations in One Body of the Messiah?  What is the Bible''s teaching on Jewish destiny and the Jewish disciple of Yeshua? Jack Jacobs and Ed Rodgers have given us enough food for thought toallow us to come to our own conclusions. Their perspective is mature and not dogmatic.  I would like to see this Bible study widely used as a tool in God''s purpose for the restoration of the Church and Israel."

Daniel Juster

Th.D., Director of Tikkun International, Tikkun America, and the first President of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations.