Dance Workshops 

Messianic Jewish dance is a way for us to express praise and worship to the Lord (see Psalms 149:3,
150:4). Since we dance in unity in our congregation, it is necessary for us to learn dances that fit
various songs that our worship team plays.

While some people are able to learn some of our dances simply by watching and joining, we also offer
dance workshops on the second and third Shabbats of every month. We offer dance workshops for
beginners on the third Shabbat of each month. During these workshops, patient and experienced
teachers teach dances that are the easiest to learn, and therefore the easiest to incorporate into
personal worship. We also offer intermediate dance workshops on the second Shabbat of each month,
when we learn dances that are a bit more complex, yet are suited to worshipping along with certain
songs. All workshops are held after our oneg (lunch and fellowship), starting about 1:30PM. All are
welcome to attend workshops by just showing up.

We also offer dance at workshops to other congregations and churches, and minister in dance at
various venues and outreach events. If you are interested in booking a workshop for your congregation,
or inviting our dance team for your event, just contact us via our contact form or call our
congregational number at the bottom of the page.