Emphasis on the Torah study, not to mention the value of education 
for getting ahead in the world, have led Jews to value learning

Gentiles attracted to Beit Simcha are seeking to learn more about the Jewish roots of their Messianic faith.
So together we enjoy Torah, Scripture and Hebrew study, as well as learning more about spiritual growth,
prayer, healing, Messianic dance, and discipleship.

Rabbi Glenn Blank giving sermon

  • Our Rabbi's sermons are available both in readable and audible podcast collections.
    Other speakers include notable visitors from Israel as well as our own congregants' d'rashot (interpretations) of Torah portions.
  • We offer Bible studies for women and men as well as discipleship training believers how to grow spiritually as followers of Yeshua.
  • We offer Hebrew lessons for both children and adults.
  • Our Theophostics healing ministry offer inner healing to anyone struggle with emotional pain, and trains facilitators how to
    lead such people to let the Holy Spirit reveal the causes of this pain and the truth that brings healing.
  • Our Rabbi leads a Spiritual Growth course for all interested in membership.
  • Our dance workshops teach beginners the basics of Messianic Jewish circle dancing and intermediate learners more complicated dances.
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